So Many Times
I Thought I'd Never
Find Sum1 To Love Me
the Way I Needed to be
Loved Then
U Came In My Life
Showed Me
What True Love
Really Is :)
Happy Valentine's day
Don't wait until it's too late
to tell someone how much you love,
how much you care.
Because when they're gone,
no matter how loud you shout and cry,
they won't hear you anymore.
Happy Valentine's Day
Feelings are always the same
Saying it could be in different ways,Some say it directly are called 'LOVERS'Some write them on paper & are called 'POETS' =)
Happy Valentines Day 
Ur arms have held me at my weakest,your eyes have seen me at my worst,and your heart has loved me through d darkest of times.I’m so thankful 4 u and d love we share!Happy Valentines day 


 A young couple was very much in love, decided to
get married.
Some months before nikkah, the bride had an
accident and remained with face completely
disfigured. ... " I can't marry you, she wrote to her fiance.
I will stay sharp and uggly forever. Find yourself another beautiful young woman as
you deserve, because i'm not worthy of you ! " Few days later, she ... received this answer from her
fiance : " Whoever is truly shamfull is me, i thrust in that
following to eye disease, the doctor just told me
that i will stay blind ! If despite this, you want to accept me, i still want to
marry you ! " They get married at that time, the fiance was totally
blind. They lived 20 years in LOVE, in joy and
understanding. She was his guide and became his eyes and light. LOVE has guided into the tunnel of darkness. One day, she became seriously ill and dying, she
regretted living him alone in the darkness. The day she died, he opened his eyes to the
astonishment of all. " I was not blind, he said.
I pretented that i was blind, for distressed her in the
thought that i will see her face disfigured.
Now my LOVE based on her !



Boy: The principal is so dumb!
Girl: Do you know who I am?
Boy: No...
Girl: I am the principal's daughter!
Boy: Do you know who I am?
Girl: No...
Boy: Good!  (runs away )


Husband (watching a video):
Don't do it! I swear you gonna regret it for the rest of your life.

 You stupid idiot! Don't say yes. No! No! NOOOO!! Aw dang, he actually did it! What a dumb ass!
Wife: Honey, why you so mad? What are u watching?
Husband: Our wedding ceremony


Girl:- I love you
Boy:- i love you too, but how much do u love me
Girl:- Same as you 
Boy:- you idiot, that means you are also doing timepass with me.


While returning he met with an accident and lost his eyesight. However their married life continued as usual. But as days passed she lost her beauty gradually.
Blind husband did not know this and there was not any difference in their married life.
He continued to love her and she also loved him very much.
One day she died. Her death brought him great sorrow.
He finished all her last rites and wanted to leave that town.
A man from behind called and said,
now how will you be able to walk all alone?
All these days your wife used to help you.
He replied,
I am not blind.
I was acting, because if she knew l could see her ugliness it would have pained her more than her disease.
So I pretended to be blind.
She was a very good wife.
I only wanted to keep her happy.
      *Some times it is good for us to act blind and ignore one another's short comings,
in order to be happy* :-) <3


   This is a story which happened long back ago, i wanted to get shifted to another city cause i got a promotion and due to various other problem,i decided to leave everything and move on start a new life. I never wanted to return back i told my decision to my mom, she as always supported my decision killing her own dreams fighting her tears back she said "son i understand you want to move on but remember i am always there with you  in every aspect of your life". 
   The taxi pulled into the driveway. I was already standing there waiting with suitcase in hand. It was midnight, and a light drizzle had just begun. "Right on time," I thought to myself. The driver got out and popped the trunk and I quickly stashed my bags inside. "Ready?" he asked. I replied, "Yeah, give me a second." He got back in the car. I turned and walked back to where my mother stood. "You won't be back, will you?" she asked, with a tear in her eye. "No, mom. I won't be back." I hugged her tight and told her that I loved her and not to worry. I would be OK. Fighting back my own tears, I let her go and turned and walked back to the waiting taxi. The rain was coming harder now. I looked back, waved one last goodbye, and got in the car. That was the last time I ever saw my mom.
I miss you mom :(

U may miss me
U may ignore me
U may even forget me
But one day if u wanna see me
Don't search, just see your shadow
i will be there Trust Me!!